Thermal Ionic Straightening  (also known as JAPANESE straightening)          at Salon Scalone Using Crystallizing Straight by SHISEIDO


Thermal Ionic uses a precisely controlled ion technology to thermally restructure the hair from curly to permanently straight and to lock in optimum softness. The thermal ionic system actually flattens the hair cuticle layer to produce permanently straight hair with ultra gloss shine, silky fell and movement.


How Long Will A Thermal Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening Service Last?

The hair remains permanently straight until it is cut off. However, the new growth will be curly and a re-touch straightening service will be required after 6 to 8 months depending on the rate of hair growth. An alternative is our Bio Ionic Straightening service which will last approximately three months.


Can You Apply Thermal Ionic To Colour Treated Hair?

Yes. In fact you can even colour over it. Unlike other brands, Thermal Ionic has three individual treatments to cater for all hair types -  Normal Formula, Tinted/Highlighted/Bleached Formula and the just-released Resistant Formula.


What Is The Suggested Minimum Hair Length?

Shoulder length is ideal. However, men and women with shorter hair can also take advantage of this service.


What Does It Cost?

The service takes four to seven hours depending on hair length and type. Be sure to ask us for a consultation to find out the cost to set you free!


Are There Any Other Permanent Straightening Products On The Market?

The Thermal Ionic products are the only products specifically designed for a multi-cultural market. This is important in Australia which contains such a diverse population.


What Do I Need To Know After Completing The Service?

After treatment, do not do anything with your hair for at least 48 to 72 hours depending on your stylist's recommendation. Even pushing the hair behind your ears or using clips can cause demarcation. After this period has elapsed, you then have total freedom.


Do I Need To Use Any Post-Treatment Products?

It is critical to use the post-treatment products recommended by the manufacturer and your stylist to preserve the lustre, youthfulness and condition of your hair.



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